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Rickshaw Wines

Rickshaw is the synthesis to two powerful ideals: that one should be able to have a great bottle of California wine at a reasonable price and that those of us fortunate to enjoy said wine each night should help out our fellow man. Rickshaw is committed to donating 5 percent of the gross profit from each bottle to food-related charities in the states where it is sold.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

"In this rendition of our Cabernet Sauvignon, we selected for a slightly richer expression than in the past, using a higher percentage of new oak and a few riper lots. These components brought dark plum, coffee grounds, and cassis to the wine. This base is buttressed by a few mountain sources that provide a streak of red fruit, verve, and structure. It remains an incredibly versatile Cabernet that will work with anything from steak to tuna with ease." - Winery Notes. Our Suggested Cheese Pairing is the DiBruno Parmigiano, available in our cheese case for only $12.99.

Pinot Noir 2012

"This wine sings with unmistakable and pure Pinotosity! It has a compelling mix of raspberry, pomegranate and cherry notes combined with a stylishly integrated structure. All in all, pretty amazing Pinot Noir for its modest price." - Winery Notes. Our Suggested Cheese Pairing is the DiBruno Gouda, available in our cheese case for only $5.49.

Suggested Price, each: $17.99
Regular Price, each: $14.99
Bottle Club® Price, each: $12.96  27% OFF!

Other Bottle Club® Highlights
Beringer Napa Chardonnay Reg $16.49 BC $9.98 39% OFF!
Pashey Vineyard Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Reg $29.99 BC $24.96 16% OFF!
St. Christopher Riesling Spatlese Reg $13.99 BC $11.96 14% OFF!
The Pinot Project Chardonnay Reg $11.99 BC $9.96 17% OFF!
Merum Prosecco Reg $12.99 BC $9.96 23% OFF!
Pepi Chenin Blanc Reg $11.99 BC $7.98 33% OFF!
Smith & Son Pinot Noir Reg $21.49 BC $14.96 30% OFF!
Viama Purse, Bianco or Rosso, 1.5L Reg $13.99 BC $9.98 28% OFF!
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