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Lawrenceville Staff

 Meet our Lawrenceville staff!

"I am a regular customer at the Princeton Joe Canals. I wanted to let you know that the service and selection is excellent. I particularly want to compliment Brandon. His expertise and friendly manner really make a enjoyable shopping experience." - Timothy T.

Chris Sletvold - Operations Manager
Specialties: Beer, Bourbon, Riesling
Experience: Chris has been with Joe Canal's for 12 years.
Travels: California, Oregon, Germany and Italy. He particularly enjoyed his travels to Germany.
Desired superpower: X-ray vision

Toni Carver - Store Manager
Specialties: Toni has an all-encompassing knowledge of beer, wine and spirits. She is the resident party planner and an avid tequila enthusiast.
Experience: Toni has been with Joe Canal's for 7 years, and in the industry for 15.
Travels: California, France, and Spain for wine, Colorado for beer.
Desert island CD: Any Kenny Chesney. "He's fun!"

Brandon Bartfalvi - Senior Wine Manager
Specialties: Argentina, Spain, Portugal
Experience: Brandon has 18 years in the business and is a C.S.W. (Certified Specialist of Wine).
Travels: France, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Spain, California and Oregon. Brandon's favorite places to travel were Argentina and Spain.
Favorite band: KMFDM

Kevin Saunders - Wine Manager
Specialties: Wine, wine, and more wine!  Kevin's expertise is varied, from Tuscany to Sonoma, he's knowledgeable about it all.  He has a particularly exceptional knowledge of French wines.
Experience: A longtime lover of wine, Kevin has been in the wine industry since he was 20 years old, when he worked in fine wine shops in New York City.
Travels: California Wine Regions, Italy
Favorite vacation spot: Italy
  Rich Folmer - Floor Manager
Specialties:  Rich is working to expand his knowledge in all areas of the business and hopes to become well-rounded in wines, liquors and beer.
Experience: Rich has been in the industry for one year.
Favorite pizza topping: Ham and pineapple. 


Mike Dayton - Floor Manager
Specialties: Mike is a generalist, able to assist throughout the store!
Experience: Mike came to Joe Canal's after 4+ years with a wine & spirits wholesale company.
Travels: While Mike has not yet traveled with the company, he has been to Florida, Hawaii and Utah. 
Pastimes: A sports enthusiast, Mike enjoys hockey, snowboarding and paintball.

Tom Bliz - Beer Supervisor
Specialties: Domestic Beer
Experience: Tom has 37 years in beer transportation before beginning with us at Joe Canal's
Travels: Tom loves to visit Coors brewing company, and would bring Coors back home with him on the plane before it was available here.
Favorite breakfast: A cheese omelet

  Mike Reardon - Receiving Manager
Specialties: While he is continuing to learn about the different varieties of wine, Mike is a big fan of Rieslings.
Experience: Mike has been with Joe Canal's for three years.
Favorite book: Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy


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