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Lawrenceville Staff

 Meet our Lawrenceville staff!

"I am a regular customer at the Princeton Joe Canals. I wanted to let you know that the service and selection is excellent. I particularly want to compliment Brandon. His expertise and friendly manner really make a enjoyable shopping experience." - Timothy T.

Chris Sletvold - Operations Manager
Specialties: Beer, Bourbon, Riesling
Experience: Chris has been with Joe Canal's for 12 years.
Travels: California, Oregon, Germany and Italy. He particularly enjoyed his travels to Germany.
Desired superpower: X-ray vision

Toni Carver - Store Manager
Specialties: Toni has an all-encompassing knowledge of beer, wine and spirits. She is the resident party planner and an avid tequila enthusiast.
Experience: Toni has been with Joe Canal's for 7 years, and in the industry for 15.
Travels: California, France, and Spain for wine, Colorado for beer.
Desert island CD: Any Kenny Chesney. "He's fun!"

Brandon Bartfalvi - Senior Wine Manager
Specialties: Argentina, Spain, Portugal
Experience: Brandon has 18 years in the business and is a C.S.W. (Certified Specialist of Wine).
Travels: France, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Spain, California and Oregon. Brandon's favorite places to travel were Argentina and Spain.
Favorite band: KMFDM

Kevin Saunders - Wine Manager
Specialties: Wine, wine, and more wine!  Kevin's expertise is varied, from Tuscany to Sonoma, he's knowledgeable about it all.  He has a particularly exceptional knowledge of French wines.
Experience: A longtime lover of wine, Kevin has been in the wine industry since he was 20 years old, when he worked in fine wine shops in New York City.
Travels: California Wine Regions, Italy
Favorite vacation spot: Italy
  Rich Folmer - Floor Manager
Specialties:  Rich is working to expand his knowledge in all areas of the business and hopes to become well-rounded in wines, liquors and beer.
Experience: Rich has been in the industry for one year.
Favorite pizza topping: Ham and pineapple. 


Mike Dayton - Floor Manager
Specialties: Mike is a generalist, able to assist throughout the store!
Experience: Mike came to Joe Canal's after 4+ years with a wine & spirits wholesale company.
Travels: While Mike has not yet traveled with the company, he has been to Florida, Hawaii and Utah. 
Pastimes: A sports enthusiast, Mike enjoys hockey, snowboarding and paintball.


Rick May - Front End Manager
Specialties: Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc
Experience: Rick has been in the wine and spirits industry for over 20 years, both full and part time. He has visited over 30 wineries in Sonoma and Napa Valley.
Travels: Rick is retired Navy and traveled extensively throughout Europe. He has been to Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, and Scotland and there are not too many islands in the Caribbean that he hasn’t enjoyed the sunshine on.
Favorite TV Show: Hawaii Five-O and NCIS
Tom Bliz - Beer Supervisor
Specialties: Domestic Beer
Experience: Tom has 37 years in beer transportation before beginning with us at Joe Canal's
Travels: Tom loves to visit Coors brewing company, and would bring Coors back home with him on the plane before it was available here.
Favorite breakfast: A cheese omelet


Mike Reardon - Receiving Manager
Specialties: While he is continuing to learn about the different varieties of wine, Mike is a big fan of Rieslings.
Experience: Mike has been with Joe Canal's for three years.
Favorite book: Red Storm Rising by Tom Clancy


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