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Woodbridge Staff

Meet our Woodbridge staff!

Chris Sletvold - Operations Manager
Specialties: Beer, Bourbon, Riesling
Experience: Chris has been with Joe Canal's for 12 years.
Travels: California, Oregon, Germany and Italy. He particularly enjoyed his travels to Germany.
Desired superpower: X-ray vision


Tom Broderick - Store Manager
Specialties: Tom is the go-to beer guy at Joe Canal's.
Experience: Tom has been with Joe Canal's for five years.  He began as a stock associate in our Woodbridge store, and has worked his way up to store manager.
Travels: He has visited many breweries and has attended the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado.
Favorite Movie: Memento

Debbie Miller Nelson - Wine Manager
Specialties: Debbie specializes in wine, party planning and wine dinners.
Experience: She has over 7 years in the wine industry. She is a Certified Specialist of Wine (C.S.W.), and has a Level 3 Advanced Certificate from the Wine and Spirits Educational Trust.
Travels: Debbie has explored the wine regions of California, Argentina, Burgundy, Italy and the Finger Lakes.
Favorite fruit: Watermelon

Wilson Arizmendi - Wine Manager
Specialties: Wilson has a general knowledge of everything, but right now he is focusing on wines, especially reds.
Experience: Wilson has been in the Wine and Spirits industry for the last 11 years.
Travels: He has toured various West Coast breweries, and is looking forward to traveling to wine regious, especially Napa Valley.
Favorite candy: Starburst

David Rudd - Floor Manager
Specialties: David is a mixologist by trade.  His specialties are party cocktails, and he knows every classic by heart.  His favorite whiskies are Irish, his wines French, and his beers are good old American Lager.
Experience: David has worked in the beverage alcohol industry for most of his life. When he was young, his grandparents owned the "Dew Drop Inn" in Knox, IN, so he thinks it may have been genetic.
First Concert: Aerosmith, when he was 18.

Brian Torzilli - Floor Manager
Specialties: Beer, Vodka and Tequila
Experience: Brian has been with Joe Canal's for about three years.
Favorite "sangwitch": It's a top three- Fat Knight, Smoking Cowboy, and a Chicken Caesar Wrap.


Rachel Sitomer - Front End Manager
Specialties: While favoring Vodka, Rachel fancies herself a mixologist. She's also a fan of Ciders, and is busy broadening her general knowledge base.
Experience: Rachel has been in the beverage alcohol industry for more than 4 years, with 2+ at Joe Canal's. Her travels have recently taken her to California wine country.
Hidden talent: Her sweet dance moves.


Chris Spicacci - Beer Supervisor
Specialties: Chris is the Woodbridge beer maestro.
Experience: Chris has been in the  industry for about 4 years, and all of his time has been with Joe Canal's. 
Other Passion: The Knicks.





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